Cablecast Cocktail Reception at NAB

Tightrope Media Systems invites you to the Cablecast Cocktail Reception! COCKTAIL RECEPTION Bally’s Las Vegas, Penthouse Suite April 9th, 2014 5:30pm Sign Up Here To RSVP. (Must have ticket to enter. Be sure to stop by Tightrope Media Systems booth in the Central Hall at booth C6508 to pick up your tickets.) And be sure [...]
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Digital Signage on Track at Union Depot

written by Brian Galante The latest issue of Systems Contractor News features a “Systems Snapshot” on our Carousel digital signage installation at Union Depot.  This was an immense project, expertly designed, programmed and integrated by our friends at Tierney Brothers. The Union Depot in downtown St. Paul has had its share of tribulations (including a [...]
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Updates in Carousel – Version 6.4.1

Our Engineering team has been hard at work on features and enhancements resulting from your feedback. We’re proud to release the latest updates in version 6.4.1 of our Carousel Digital Signage software.  As part of our long-standing commitment to our customers we have provided updates to prior releases in versions 6.2.7 and 6.3.6 as well. [...]
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Great new features in Cablecast 5.2.0

Cablecast 5.2.0 is just around the corner. I’m very happy to finally share details on all of the great new features. Completely redesigned VOD We totally redesigned VOD from the ground up. The new VOD implementation is designed to be easier to setup, use, troubleshoot, and provide a better product for your viewers. VOD now [...]
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The cost of adding a Carousel end point just got lower!

Tightrope Media systems just lowered the cost of adding an end point (which is another way of saying “additional location”) to an existing Carousel digital signage system. If you have a channel of content running in a location, and you simply want to show the same content in a different location, be it another floor, [...]
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Let’s show the development team some love!

In completing Cablecast 5.1 our engineering team toiled in an environment of total sensory deprivation, devoid of any external stimuli until the software was completed, tested and released. Now they are hard at work on Cablecast 5.2, operating in a similarly restrictive environment. We are hoping that you can help them out by sharing descriptions [...]
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Cablecast 5.2.0 adds back-to-back playback on VDCP servers

We have been hard at work on Cablecast 5.2.0, and I wanted to share one cool new feature that we have added. Cablecast has supported VDCP servers for as long as I can remember, and we have lots of customers using them with great success. I’m happy to report that we spent some time further [...]
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Backing up your Cablecast Database

So there you are, you have a five-year-old broadcast automation server from Tightrope Media Systems, reliable as can be, and one of the two system drives fails. After your initial moment of panic, you think “no problem”, Cablecast system drives are RAID protected, they mirror each other, and so you have all the system information [...]
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Apple ProRes SUPPORT added to ZEPLAY

With so many production and editing systems out there, the more codecs that ZEPLAY can support, the easier it is for our customers to import clips in preparation for the game and to export their clips and highlights in a form that their editors are best able to immediately use after the game. One codec [...]
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New Channels for Carousel

Does your digital signage or community bulletin board need a face lift? TRMS doesn’t do Botox but we can give you a fresh new look! The creative team added 4 new horizontal channels and 1 new vertical channel to the website. All channels on the website are FREE! When selecting a channel, look for a layout that best [...]
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